Casa Leymar Trinidad, located in a quiet and comfortable neighborhood, at the exit of Trinidad

Casa Leymar TRINIDAD, located in a quiet and comfortable neighborhood, at the exit of Trinidad towards the beach and Casilda, a small fishing village that is 5 minutes away (by road). Trinidad's epicenter, Plaza Mayor, is 1,500 meters away and Plaza Carrillo is 1,000 meters away.
The area is very pleasant, with a family and outgoing neighborhood and quiet and quiet nights.
The construction is modern (the building was built in 2010) and the house is very comfortable. Fully adapted to the use it is given.

Casa Leymar TRINIDAD is an excellent option for those who wish to enjoy Trinidad by day and have dinner and savor a mojito in the peace and tranquility that is obtained by moving a little away from the tourist epicenter. Let's not forget that Trinidad is a tourist destination with a lot of nightlife and that makes it not always wise to want to sleep in the very center.
The rooms are spacious, modern, comfortable, airy and have a private bathroom and air conditioning. The three rooms are each decorated with a country as the inspiration theme (Cuba, Mexico and Argentina). They are the countries of birth and adoption of their owners.

Casa Leymar TRINIDAD has two markedly different patios. The first is roofed (the air runs but neither the sun nor the rain enters). The second is under the open sky, perfect to enjoy the sunsets.
The breakfasts are very good and abundant (not included in the standard price). Recommended. From family cooking to homemade recipes, dinner is a wise choice: rich, abundant and fresh seasonal produce. Notifying from one day to the next, you can get lobsters at an excellent price.
The hosts will give you an informal, relaxed and familiar treatment. They are always available if you need them (advice, doubts, planning, a taxi… whatever it takes!).